Forza1 North 2023/2024 Boys Tryouts!

Welcome to Forza1 North Volleyball 2023/4 Tryouts! Forza1 North provides the premier tryout experience in the Inland Empire. After a successful 2022/2023 Season, Forza1 North is proud to have had another extremely successful seasons after a historic 2022/2023 season. We look forward to improving and building off the successes of last season, in providing the best club volleyball experience.

Some of last seasons achievements include:

Providing 40 teams for over 480 athletes!


What you need to know!

Where Are Tryouts?

Forza1 North is Located at:
3008 Inland Empire Blvd, Ontario, CA 91764


Boys Tryouts will be Saturday 8/26, and Sunday 8/27

Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Commitment Day is 8/29

Forza1 North Boys Tryouts
12s - 18s:

12:00 - 2:00


What Age Group Is My Son In?

Please click this link for updated age definitions.


How Much Does it Cost?

There are multiple price points for the different levels of club that we offer.

We have club programs starting as low as $2,000 for the entire season. 

Please contact our office for more information on our pricing.

(818) 216-5566

Tryout Questions?

Who Can Tryout?

Forza1 will field teams of all ages and levels. We will accept players as young as 7 (2nd grade) and as old as 18 (12th grade).

We will accept players who are beginners, intermediate, advanced and elite.

Our goal at Forza1 will be to provide players of all ages and levels the opportunity to participate in a way that suits their experience, helps them develop as a player and person, and meets their commitment level. Players from everywhere are welcome and new players are welcome too!


 What Level Do I Tryout For?

Forza1 North offers 3 levels of club volleyball:

National Level - this level is meant for experienced elite players and/or those who want to compete at the highest level locally and nationally. Intermediate and advanced level athletes often play "National" as well if they are making a bigger commitment and are looking to become college prospects. What separates National from the others levels is that these teams travel to Triple Crown, Junior National qualifiers and championships during the season.

Practices = 3x per week + strength & conditioning
Tournaments = approx 10 per season

               *Note: National and Regional players will tryout on the same day. Coaches will place your son according to his skill level, evaluation, and available teams in the age group at tryouts.

Regional Elite - this level is meant for intermediate to elite players who are looking to compete at a high level regionally (Southern California) and build their technical skills and understanding of the game. Regional is very similar to "National" in that they compete in the same league (SCVA). The main difference is that these teams do not attend qualifiers and their National end of the year tournament is hosted by the SCVA as the Summer Soiree.

Practices = 2x per week
Tournaments = approx 9 per season

Local - this level is meant for beginning to advanced players. We will have a range of local teams in each age group to accommodate the varying levels of skill and experience. Local teams will play in the Alliance Volleyball league held at our Ontario facility. At the end of the year local teams will play in an end of the year championship!

Practices = 2x per week
Tournaments = approx 7 per season

                   *Note: Local tryouts are separate from the National/Regional tryout. If you know you want to play local this is the tryout for you! If you're not sure, contact our office and we will steer you in the right direction.

What is the Process?


Tryouts are new to some families so here is an explanation of how they work!

Step 1:  Register on-line for the tryout that matches your age and level using the "registration" links below. On-line registration is mandatory.

Step 2:  Save all the dates and times for your tryout. All levels have multiple tryouts and attendance at all tryouts for your level are mandatory. If for some reason you have to miss a tryout please contact our office.

Step 3:  Prepare for tryouts by practicing, going to open gyms or clinics, playing pepper, doing privates, whatever you can!

Step 4:  Attend the tryouts you signed up for with at least 1 parent.

Step 5:  Go through the tryout giving your best and the coaches will evaluate you and the other participants***

Step 6:  At some point during the tryout you will be offered a spot* on a team and asked to accept it (*please note that only at the local level does everyone make a team. Cuts can be made from the National or Regional level but those players may still choose to play local).

Step 7:  If you accept the spot it will be reserved for you until the paperwork process is complete.

Step 8:  Complete the paperwork and payment procedures and secure your position on the team.

Step 9:  The club will communicate next steps (when season begins, your practice schedule, meeting dates and so forth).

Step 10: Return all paperwork to Forza1 on Commitment Day

The tryout process is both exhilarating and challenging. Everyone wants to make the best team and we understand that. Our job as evaluators is to find the best fit for each player and to build well-balanced teams that will succeed and give each player the opportunity to thrive. Some keys to remember:

1. Sometimes a players placement is really obvious and sometimes it is not. This means that you could be offered a spot on the first day of the tryout or on the last day. It all depends on the tryout and the pace at which the teams are formed and put together.

2. We evaluate all players equally. We will do testing in the beginning of the tryout to get a general sense of athleticism, speed and skill level. Then we will break out onto courts and do position and team play evaluations. During this period players may start on the top court or the bottom court, they may move to all different courts or they may stay on the same court.

3. There are stationary evaluators on every court and there are moving evaluators on multiple courts and they all work together to properly place the players and build good teams.

4. Depending on your height, skill set, potential, athleticism, and most importantly your position (and depth of players trying out in your position) you will be placed accordingly.

5. Volleyball is a skill specific sport so creating a well-balanced team means you need approximately: 2 setters, 3 outsides, 3 middles, 2 right-sides, and 2 liberos for a total of 12 players. Some teams will carry this exactly and some will carry something close to this so the # of players on the roster may vary from 9-13.

6. Our philosophy on number of players is simple - do what makes the most sense. If there are 12 boys around the same skill level that create a well-balanced team then the team will have 12. If there are 11 or 10 boys that make the best team then we will put that number of boys on the team. There are advantages to every number because some provide more security and depth, or competitiveness and different practice opportunities. The most important thing is that its a well-balanced team position and skill wise.

7. Players may be added to a team roster for many reasons. Outside of their skill set they may be added for their work ethic, their attitude, their competitiveness, their potential, their height, their speed, or even a specialty like "a really good server" or "a big blocker". The reverse of this is also true so make sure to put your best on the court. In general, there is a lot at a tryout for the Coaches to consider, so this is why we suggest just giving your VERY best and letting us see what you can do on the court!


If you have any questions
please contact us:



Samantha Curiel - For financial and registration information

Morgan Coberly - For placement and volleyball questions

Austin Meador - For placement and volleyball questions